Get Everything You Want When You Custom Order A New Chevy From Upstate Chevrolet

They say you can't always get what you want, but we're here to tell you that sometimes you can. When it comes to new car shopping, there's a simple, straightforward way drivers can ensure they get their favorite model with all the must-have features. It's true. You can custom order a new Chevy to be built to your specifications and delivered to us in Attica. Please keep reading to discover more benefits of custom ordering and learn how it works.

Benefits of Custom Ordering

Of course, the most significant benefit to custom order is the ability to own a vehicle with all the features you desire. There is no reason for Attica drivers to settle. Want a yellow and white Trailblazer equipped with the latest off-road capability features, done. Is a sleek Malibu sedan more your style? No problem. Order it with high-end features like jet black leather and an 8-way power driver seat. You can choose any of the available options for your preferred model. This detailed ordering process also gives you the advantage of prioritizing your top picks while staying within budget.

The Custom Order Process

It is simple to custom order a new Chevy model. You can start the process from the comfort of your own home through our website. A member of our team will help you finalize your order here at our dealership. When your order is complete, you'll pay a security deposit, and we will submit it to the factory.

Reserve Your New Chevrolet

If custom ordering sounds like the ideal option for you, why not get started on our website? The order form takes you step-by-step to build the perfect new Chevy for you. We are happy to sit with our customers to help navigate the process. Give us a call with your questions, or set up a time to meet with a team member to complete your custom order.

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